Who is Standing for Election to the European Parliament?

The European Elections are fast approaching and all the major parties participating have launched their campaigns. Now that candidates have been confirmed by the Electoral Commission you can see who will be standing for election before you see their names at voting booth.

How does voting work?

The electoral system used in European Parliament Elections are not the same system used in General Elections, European Parliament elections uses the D’Hondt System to select winners.

There are also different electoral regions used, for the Purposes of European Parliament elections the UK has been split into 12 Regions, Nottingham sits within the East Midlands region, which contains 46 constituencies used for General Elections.

To make matter even more confusing, instead of the usual single-member constituencies used in General Elections, the East Midlands elects 5 MEPs. These MPs are selected for party lists, if a MEP resigns during their term the next candidate on their party list takes their seat.

Who won last time

The Last European Parliament election took place in 2014, 1 referendum and two General elections ago, that election saw gains strong gains for UKIP across the country, this year is likely to see strong gains for the Brexit Party and Liberal Democrats.

  • Roger Helmer (UKIP 2014-17), Replaced by Jonathan Bullock (UKIP 2017-18, Brexit Party 2019-)
  • Margot Parker (UKIP 2014-19, Brexit Party 2019-)
  • Emma McClarkin (Conservative)
  • Andrew Lewer (Conservative 2014-17, replaced by Rupert Matthews)
  • Glenis Willmott (2014-2017, replaced by Rory Palmer 2017-

Who is standing this time?

As you can see, in the last parliament there was a large amount of changes both party allegiance or MEP, this will be reflected in party lists as candidates who previously appeared on one parties list will now appear on a different list and some will not appear on any lists at all such as Glenis Willmott who retired and Andrew Lever who resigned after being elected as an MP in 2017.

For this years candidates I have created some graphics so that you can easily share them with friends and family so that they can find. There will be more graphics like these appearing on our Instagram and twitter pages.

When does voting take place?

The UK will be one of the first member-states to vote along side the Netherlands, in keeping with tradition the UK will vote on a Thursday, 23rd May however results will not be announced until the rest of the EU has voted on Sunday 26th May. You can find your polling place either on your ballot card or via the electoral commission website.


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